We love Taekwondo! Our students and families make our community fun and exciting. Every week we will be uploading pictures from time to time. We hope you enjoy them. Here are a few pictures of our Christmas & Holiday Taekwondo Demonstration.

New Black Belts and their Families

Selfies with Master Yuhasz

And another selfie

A group of testing students


Women's Self-Defense with the Sheriff Department

Master Yuhasz sharing our Self-Defense 101 at a local business

Jump Kick Practice

Summer Camp Visits


Grand Master Noguera and 50 years of Taekwondo

 Master Yuhasz and Grand Master Noguera


Father's Day Classes

Father's Day Class 2019 

Blocking Techniques 

Striking the shields

Master Yuhasz and his children

Afterwards burgers and fries together